Best practices for photos of Wall Art issues

This article shares a few best practices for taking photos of problems with your Wall Art order. If Blurb's customer support team has sent you here note the tips below, and send your photos as attachments to your reply. Two to three photos will be enough--we don't usually need more than that!

1. Shoot in good light

Make sure you take your photo with sufficient natural light. Near a window (but in indirect light) is usually best.

2. Avoid glare

Avoid glare, which may distort the color or cover up whatever issue you're trying to show us. 

3. Show the entire product

Make sure the entire Wall Art piece appears in your photo. If you want to send a close-up photo of the problem that's fine too. But make sure you include at least one photo showing the entire thing, not just a close-up. 

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