Understanding the Wall Art Safe Art Space within Blurb's Online Tool

When you view your Canvas or Metal Wall Art project you may notice a pink shaded area around the image. The size of that pink area, and what it means for your print, depends on the material you have selected



The pink area represents the area that will wrap around a 1 ½” frame and will not be seen when looking directly at the front of your canvas art. Keep all important elements out of the pink area but fill the frame completely to insure a wrap of your image on all edges.

*See the Canvas Wall Art page for more details on how this will appear. 




With our Metal Wall Art, the pink area represents what is known as bleed. Bleed is necessary with many printed materials to insure that the art will print completely from edge to edge without a white non-printed area. The bleed will be trimmed off, so do not place any important elements in this area, but be sure your image completely fills the entire image area.




There is no need to worry about wrap or bleed on Acrylic prints. You also won't see a pink shaded area for Acrylic prints, so simply fill the entire image area and your design will print as you see within the application.

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