Variation between printing of Wall Art and books

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If you create Wall Art using images or text that you’ve previously printed in a Blurb book, you may notice some differences in color, brightness and saturation. 

Due to the different materials and printing processes, comparing your Wall Art to your Blurb-printed book pages isn't recommended because there will be some differences. 

We offer three materials for Wall Art: canvas, metal and acrylic. Images will look different on all three materials compared to one another, and also compared to images in printed books.

Here's a brief description of the three materials available for Wall Art.


The image is printed directly on a transfer sheet and then pressure set into place on a radiant ultra-thin metallic panel with smooth rounded edges.

Metal will allow you to achieve a brilliant, modern look. Its gloss-finish coating ensures vivid color and authentic reproduction of the image.


The image is printed directly on optically clear, thick acrylic material for durability and extra shine. 

Acrylic prints have smooth, polished edges. The UV flood coating ensures brilliant image clarity and color reproduction. 


The image is printed directly on canvas for a traditional look. It comes with gallery-style wrapped edges and a semi-gloss finish. Canvas will add texture, in addition to a timeless style, to any picture. 

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