Wall Art Image requirements for Blurb's Online Tool

When creating Wall Art online, your images should be:

  • JPEG/JPG format
  • RGB color space (sRGB recommended)
  • 100mb max
  • Between 90 and 300 ppi at the size of your project

Low Resolution Warning

Are you seeing a Low Resolution icon or alert?



This means that the image you are using does not have the resolution to print with the highest quality possible. Below is a sample of an image and how it will print at different resolutions.  


300 Points Per Inch                       150 Points Per Inch                         90 Points Per Inch

As you can see above, details become a bit blurry and pixelated when the resolution isn't high enough. The recommended resolution is 300 points per inch. To remedy this either select a smaller size for your Wall Art to see if the notification disappears, or select another image which has higher resolution.

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