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All BookWright projects are stored locally on the computer you originally used to create the book. They are not stored on Blurb's site until you upload them for ordering.

To find your book on the computer you created it with, open BookWright on that computer and you should see your book under the Your Books list. You can also search for your book by clicking the Open a Book project link from the bottom of the welcome screen or by going to File>Open Book and navigating to where you've saved your book project (this will file end in the .blurb extension, example MySummerVacation.blurb).

Still can't find your book?

The default location for BookWright projects is Documents>Blurb. However you may have saved it elsewhere when creating the book, in which case you'll want to run a search on your computer for files that end in the .Blurb extension.

If you're still unable to locate your BookWright .blurb file please contact our support team. In your message be sure to copy and paste the following information from the "About screen" within BookWright.

Build Date:
App ID:

On a PC this will be under HELP>ABOUT while on a Mac it will be under BOOKWRIGHT>ABOUT BOOKWRIGHT.

Once on this page click on the Copy to Clipboard button directly below this information and include it in your support request.

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