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If you're uploading a PDF to Blurb, either via the Blurb Book Creator plug-in for InDesign or through our PDF uploader, you should carefully review that PDF first. We recommend using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader and following these steps.

Adobe Acrobat/Acrobat Reader settings

In Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, set the following preferences:

View > Page Display: select Two page view and Show Cover Page in Two page view


  • Edit > Preferences > Page Display: unselect Use Local Fonts
  • Edit > Preferences > Page Display: set Use Overprint Preview to Always


  • Acrobat Reader > Preferences > Page Display: unselect Use Local Fonts
  • Acrobat Reader > Preferences > Page Display: set Use Overprint Preview to Always

Try the 200% test

You can review your PDF files at a normal zoom level but to double-check the quality of your content you should also zoom in to at least 200% (the 200% test).

This can reveal any problems which will appear in the printed book. Remember, Blurb does not review, edit or monitor your content. It's up to you to review and adjust your book as needed. 

What can the 200% test reveal?

Here are just a few issues that a 200% zoom can reveal.

Blurry images

This PDF looks OK at a normal zoom level...


...but at 200% zoom the image is actually not sharp--nothing's in focus. Use a different, sharper photo for better results (or accept that the printed image won't look sharp).


Jagged or pixelated text

Text saved as a JPG, low-resolution scans of letters or other printed material may look jagged or pixelated, or contain artifacts. These problems may not be visible at a normal zoom level but the 200% test will reveal them.


Incorrectly designed bleeds

Zooming in closely can also reveal if you haven't correctly designed full-bleed layouts. In this example, there's a thin white edge that might otherwise go unnoticed and appear in the printed book. 



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