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Understanding Print Safe Areas in BookWright

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The first time you show the trim area in BookWright via View > Show Trim Area, you'll see a message: Understanding Print Safe Areas


This dialog box includes the following information:

  • Shows how to turn print safe areas on and off using the scissors icon;
  • Explains that the red dotted trim line represents approximately where your pages will be trimmed;
  • Defines the print safe area as the pink shaded area to keep content out of, since it will get lost in the binding or trimmed once the book is printed;
  • Explains that the trim line does not appear in the printed book;
  • Tells you to keep content you want printed out of the pink shaded area;
  • Explains how to make an image or background cover the entire page by making sure it stretches to the page edges, past that pink shaded area and past the red dotted trim line.

You can also read more in our trim guide article.


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