What's the difference between BookWright's Preview feature and my book's online preview on Blurb's website?

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Both BookWright and our website allow you to preview your book. But there are important differences you should know about.

BookWright's soft proof feature

BookWright allows you to soft proof your photos to see if your colors may shift when printed. (Most colors print just fine but some heavily saturated colors may look different in print).

To turn on the soft proof feature, follow the instructions below depending on whether you’re using a Mac or PC. The soft proof feature will remain on while editing and previewing/reviewing your book in BookWright.

  • Mac: click BookWright>Preferences>Show Soft Proof
  • PC:click Help>Preferences>Show Soft Proof

BookWright's trim areas

While you edit your book in BookWright you can turn on trim areas to help you position your images without important content being trimmed off. 

BookWright's Preview feature

  • Click Preview in the upper right and you can preview each available cover type as well as each page.
  • There are no trim areas visible in Preview mode.
  • Soft-proofing (via the Show Soft Proof) feature will display in this Preview mode except when previewing the e-book version. (E-books aren't affected by gamut issues the way printed books are).

BookWright's Review Book feature

  • Click Upload in the upper right-hand corner. Enter your Blurb account login details and click Continue. Select the version of the book you wish to upload (print and/or digital) and click Next. The next two screens allow you to review your book cover and pages.
  • This is your final chance to review your book before you upload it. 
  • Make sure to review each cover type and also check out any warnings that may appear. You can choose to ignore any warnings but your book may not print as expected.
  • There are no trim areas visible in Review Book
  • Soft-proofing (via the Show Soft Proof) feature will display in Review Book mode.

Blurb's online preview

  • After you upload your Blurb book you can use the online preview. This is a great way to share your book with potential buyers and others who may want to see it. 
  • There are no trim areas, or any other warnings, visible in the online preview.
  • Soft proofing will not be visible via the online preview, even if it was turned on in BookWright. 
  • If you wish to edit your book at this point you'll need to re-open it in BookWright, make changes and then upload the new version. 

Which one is best?

  • It depends what you want to do. If you're concerned your colors may be out of gamut then turn on soft proofing in BookWright.
  • If you're editing your book and want to be sure no important content gets trimmed off, turn on the pink shaded trim areas.
  • After you check your content against the trim areas, use Preview to look over your work carefully, and use Review Book for one final look before you upload.
  • Use the online preview to share your book with other people after you've uploaded it.
  • You can also use the online preview for one final look at your content before you order. But you won't be able to check your content against trim areas, see any potential color shifts, or make changes online.

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