Blurb and StoryWorth

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What is StoryWorth and how does it work?

StoryWorth is a service that makes it easy for families to share and record their stories. Each week StoryWorth emails subscribers a question about their life, for example "What do you remember of your grandmother?" StoryWorth subscribers then reply by email, and the stories they share are saved and shared privately with the family members they select. After a year of responding to questions, the answers and any photos the subscriber would like to include are printed as a hardcover trade book. An annual subscription to StoryWorth includes a year of questions for one storyteller and one hardcover printed book. You can learn more about StoryWorth and subscribe at 

How much does a StoryWorth subscription cost?

An annual subscription to the StoryWorth service includes a hardcover printed book. You can learn more about pricing and subscribe at 

What is the relationship between StoryWorth and Blurb?

Blurb has partnered with StoryWorth to produce the hardcover book that a StoryWorth customer receives at the end of their annual subscription. StoryWorth is a great way for families to share and preserve their stories. You can learn more about StoryWorth and subscribe at

When do you receive your StoryWorth book?

After a year of completing answers to the questions, the StoryWorth subscriber can edit the contents and add photos before sending their book to print. Once the book file is submitted, it takes approximately 7-15 business days to receive the hardcover book.

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