Blog and website import for BookWright

What is BookWright's Site Import feature?
The site import feature in BookWright allows you to easily pull your text and images from any live public website, including blogs.

You'll find the Site Import button next to the Text Files icon in the BookWright tool bar.


Import a website

Importing your text and images is a 2-step process.

  1. Enter the web address (URL) for the site. BookWright will begin scanning the website for available pages or blog entries.

  2. Next, you'll see a list of pages that the scan found, allowing you to select which web pages to import.
    Once you select the list of pages you want to import, BookWright will automatically download all the images and text and place them in the Photos and Text Files tabs.

    From there, simply add these assets to your book and format your pages.

Before you import

  • Be sure the URL of your site is public and has HTTP:// at the front when you input it into BookWright.

  • If your website or blog requires a login, it will not work with the Site Import feature at this time. This can be resolved by setting your website or blog to public, running the import and setting it back to “private” if you have privacy concerns.
  • The maximum number of pages that will be pulled for import is 500. If you reach the maximum and would like to import more, you can import each individual URL.
  • The scanning and importing processes can take several minutes depending on the size and complexity of your site. If importing a large site or blog, it might be helpful to import it as individual URLs.
  • Images used on websites are often compressed to 72dpi for faster page loading. This means that your images may be too small to achieve good print results. But don't worry, BookWright will show a warning symbol (a small yellow triangle) if your image has too low a resolution for to print well.
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