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Bring your story to life when you add captions to your pages.

To add captions:

  1. Tap on any page in the Arrange Pages screen to open the Editing Page screen.
  2. In the Editing Page screen tap the Captions tool at the bottom
  3. The toolbar at the bottom switches to the caption choices. The three choices are: no captions, captions at the bottom, and captions at the top.

  4. Choose a caption option and the image on the page is updated with the caption.
  5. Tap the semi-transparent caption area, or caption text, on top of the photo to reveal the text editor.
    Note: the semi-transparent caption area will not be visible in the printed book.

  6. Change the content of the caption. Note: the semi-transparent bar will not show when the book is printed.

  7. Type in your caption and press return in the keyboard.
  8. Press the Layout tool 
  9. Change the layouts to adjust where the caption is shown. By choosing different layouts, the caption may be in the margin or on top of the image on the page.


Please note: If you add captions to the back cover, depending on the layout, they may be obscured by the Blurb logo.

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