Uploading troubleshooting

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Blurb’s mobile app works best while connected to a Wi-Fi connection. You may use the app while on a Cellular connection, but applicable data charges from your mobile carrier may apply.

Even without a network connection, the app will still work well for selecting photos, arranging pages, and editing the photos on pages; however, to purchase and upload a book, you’ll need to be connected to the internet. We recommend connecting a Wi-Fi network for the best performance and to avoid data charges.

While uploading, please keep in mind:

  • Stay connected to a stable network during upload
  • Do not to force-quit the app while uploading

If for any reason the upload fails, such as losing network connectivity or the app was force-quit, simply relaunch the app to resume upload. If your upload doesn’t finish in 48 hours, we will automatically cancel and refund your purchase.

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