Share a book made in Blurb's iOS app

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After purchasing a book using Blurb’s mobile app, you can share the entire book online with friends, family, and fans. There are two ways to share your book:

From the Congrats screen
1. After you’ve purchased and uploaded your book, press the Share Your Book button on the Congrats screen.

2. Choose where you’d like to share the URL from the list of options.
If you don’t see Facebook, Twitter, or other options, you can enable them in your phone’s Settings.

3. A link to Blurb’s web previewer will be inserted into the sharing option you chose. The book can be viewed in any web browser including mobile browsers.

From the "My Books" Screen

You can also share purchased books from the "My Books" screen. Purchases are listed with the REORDER button. Press the share button and choose where to share your book.

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