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To create a new book, you must choose at least 20 photos. If you'd like to add more photos to your book there are a couple of ways to do this.

Add a single image to a new page

  1. In the Arrange Pages screen press the plus button  in between the pages.
  2. Two blank pages are now added (books must always have an even number of pages).
  3. Tap on one of the blank photos.
  4. If you have any photos that have been selected but are not on a page, they’ll show up in the Unused tab of the Choose Source screen.
  5. Otherwise, you’ll see photos from the Collection or Album where you last chose photos.

    You can also press Collections or Albums to navigate back to the Choose Source screen to choose photos from other collections or albums.

Add multiple images to the photos tray in the Edit Pages screen

The photo tool in the Edit Page screen allows you to add more unused photos to your book (selected but not yet on a page).


  1. Press any page with a photo in the Arrange Pages screen to open the Edit Page screen.
  2. Be sure the Photos tool at the bottom is selected
  3. Press the plus button at the left of the tray (you might need to swipe scroll photos to the right to reveal it).
  4. You’ll see the Select Photos screen opened in the Collection or Album where you last chose photos.

    Photos with a gray checkbox have been selected for your book and are on a page.

    Photos highlighted in green are currently unused and were in the Edit Page unused photos tray. Tapping new photos will also highlight them in green.
  5. Press Done and the newly selected photos (in green) show up in the tray.
    Please note: The order of photos in the Edit Page tray may not be in the same order as you selected them.
  6. To add these new photos to a blank page, follow the steps above in “Add a single image to new pages”. Or swap an image in the unused photo tray with the image on the page (as described here).

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