Crop photos in the Blurb iOS app

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By default, all photos are center, square-cropped to fit on the page. Parts of your photos may be off the page or obscured. Cropping and positioning your photos on the page shows off the best parts.

To crop a photo:

  1. Tap on any page in the Arrange Pages screen.
  2. In the Editing Page, screen tap on the photo on the page.

  3. This will open the image editor.

  4. The image will be cropped within the rectangle by pinching or reverse pinching with two fingers. You can also move or pan the image around by touching and dragging.
    Alternatively, you can touch and drag one of the corners to resize the rectangle.

  5. After you lift up your finger, the image will be cropped.

  6. Press the Reset button if you’d like to start over, and Done to save your changes.

    Note: When viewing in landscape orientation, press the checkmark button checkmark.jpg to save your changes.

  7. Press Done in the Editing Page screen to see the cropped image on the page in the book.
    Please note: Your photo will be cropped according to the type of layout on the page.

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