Formatting Chapter Text

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Chapter Opening Styling

  1. Click on the spread where your first chapter begins—template pages 6/7 in the page spread panel.
  2. The left-hand page (6) contains instructions and formatted elements which you will copy and paste into your chapter text container.
  3. Click on the 6th page text container labeled “Formatting Chapters,” this will open the text editor panel at the bottom of the BookWright interface. Select the block of copy: Chapter Title - Chapter One -
  4. Click on the text container on the page to the right, where your chapter begins; this will again open the text editor. Position your cursor at the top of the text editor and select paste, this will place the formatted chapter opening into your chapter text container.
  5. While still in the text editor, select the block of copy just pasted, and select the UI Text CenterText Centered icon, to ensure the chapter information is centered, while the rest of the chapter remains full-justified.
  6. To set the chapter title text, select the full “Chapter Title” text and simply type in the name of your chapter. You can repeat the process with the chapter number; options include “Chapter One”, “One” “Chapter 1,” or “1.”
  7. The last step in stylizing the chapter opening is to adjust the top of the text container to approximately 1/3 of the way down on the page, using the top container handle and dragging it down. This is standard book formatting convention which you should follow.

Adding Paragraph Breaks And The Chapter End Ornament

Follow the steps above to copy and paste the paragraph break and chapter end ornament throughout and at the end of the chapter.

Flourish Paragraph Example      Flourish Chapter Example

Complete All Chapters

  1. To begin a new chapter, drag the next chapter .rtf icon to the next empty right-hand page following your completed chapter. This will prompt you to select from the novel layout icons Novel layout icon which will automatically flow your entire .rtf file into as many pages needed.
  2. Repeat the steps to stylize the chapter opening and add paragraph breaks and chapter ends.
  3. Continue to repeat these steps until all chapters have been imported and stylized.
  4. Finally you must delete the instructions container on the 6th page otherwise it will print.


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