Front Matter Styling

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The first 5 pages of the template are called the front matter, they are publishing standard pages consisting of the half title page, the full title page, copyright, and dedication pages. You may have other pages to include in the front of your book, if so add new pages and create your pages with BookWright’s tools.

Front matter example

Follow the instructions below to edit the 5 front matter pages specifically for your book.

  1. Half Title Page - Click on page 1 the page spreads panel, click on the text container to open the text editor. Select the Book Title copy and type in the name of your book, and then select the Author Name and type in the name of the author. Note: Make use of the ornamental ampersand in the flourish font!

    Front half title

  2. Page 2 - the second page of a book never contains content, leave the decorative pattern that fills the page.
  3. Full Title Page - Click on page 3 the page spreads panel, and repeat the steps to enter the book title and author name. Experiment with the font sizes and spacing between the ornamental dividers.

    Full title

  4. Copyright Page - Click on page 4, the page spreads panel and update the copyright year and replace the book title and author name. You must insert your own legalese—the template copy is placeholder—however it should remain in the lower-left corner.
  5. Dedication Page - Click on page 5, the page spreads panel, and insert your dedication, this can be in any format you prefer, and the text container may be placed anywhere on the page
  6. Page 6 the sixth page, should only contain the full-page pattern, and page 7 is the start of chapter 1, which is always on the right-hand page.


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