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The final step in completing this starter template is to create your front and back covers. First you need to determine which book format you want to order­—Hardcover Dust Jacket, Hardcover ImageWrap, and/or Softcover, and whether you want to order an ebook. Follow these steps to finalize your covers:

  1. Click on the Covers icon Covers icon in the main toolbar at the top left of the BookWright interface.
  2. Below the icon, the Covers panel will appear, allowing you to edit the covers in the formats of your choice. Click on the format you want to edit.

    Cover Panel

  3. Click on the Photos icon Photos icon in the main toolbar at the top of the BookWright interface.

    Drag image

  4. Next, click on the Add Photo icon to navigate to the location of the image file you would like to use on your cover. Select the file you wish to import. The image files will appear to the right of the add photo icon.
  5. Drag the image file thumbnail to replace the placeholder image on the cover. Click on image to trigger the image-editing dialog to zoom or pan your image placement.
  6. Click on the text containers to edit the book title and author name. You can also change the font size and color since all covers print in color. You can also edit the Blurb Flourish ornaments just like any font, experiment with changing the size and color.

    Flourish Edit Example

  7. When your front cover is complete, click on the back cover and edit the text fields to your satisfaction. Remember this is just a starter layout, you can customize your covers, or any area of your book to your liking using the wealth of BookWright’s editing tools.


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