Review and Order Book

Preview and Review

Before you place your book order, you will need to make sure your book is perfect. Just follow the following steps to ensure your book is ready to upload for printing.

  1. Click on the Preview Icon Preview icon in the main toolbar at the top right of the BookWright interface.
  2. The Preview Panel will launch allowing you to page through your entire book to preview.
  3. After a full preview of your book, click the Back to Book button to return to editing mode.
  4. Make any edits to your pages based on your preview.
  5. Click on the Review Icon Review icon in the main toolbar at the top right of the BookWright interface.
  6. The Review Panel will launch indicating pre-print warnings that you are advised to fix, however you can choose to ignore them. Frequent warnings include low-resolution images and text overflow issues, you can either choose Fix or Ignore in the warning dialog.

Upload And Order Your Book

  1. Click on the Upload icon Upload icon in the main toolbar at the top of the BookWright interface.
  2. Confirm that your order is correct, check the cover and paper type, quantities, and endsheet—click Add to Cart.
  3. After a final confirmation of your shopping cart—click Checkout.
  4. Complete delivery and shipping information—click Continue.
  5. Complete your payment information—click Place Order.


Tip: The book is ready to order in print and as a fixed-layout ebook. There are a few steps you need to take to prepare it as a reflowable ebook­. There are instructions on the following page.


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