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It’s time to congratulate yourself on all the hard work you’ve done so far: writing and editing your manuscript, getting your content into BookWright, formatting your layout, adding images, and styling your content. Nice job! But you’re not finished just yet.

On the upload success web page, and your Blurb dashboard, there’ll be a button to download your book. You’ll want to download it and take a look at your ebook on as many screens as you can, so that you can see what your readers will eventually see on various devices. As you review, you may find opportunities to make tweaks and changes that will help you provide a quality experience to more people. This section talks about how to get your content onto your devices for review. You can browse through previous sections in this guide for advice on how to make changes in BookWright to get your content looking perfect.

Blurb book dashboard and landing page

After your upload completes you’ll see a handy download button. Click it and you’ll receive an email with links to an EPUB3 file (for iPad) and a KF8 file (for Kindle).

  1. Click the Download button
  2. Accept your default email address or enter a different one
  3. Click the Send Link button

How to view your downloaded KF8 (.mobi) file:

Amazon provides a number of ways to preview your ebook file. You can view the ebook on your Kindle device or on your desktop through a free Kindle Reading App.
For instructions how to email a file to your Kindle e-Ink or Fire device click here.

How to view your downloaded EPUB3 (.epub) file on an iPad or desktop

  1. If you do not have the free Apple iBooks app you’ll need to install it on your iPad before downloading your book.
  2. Tap on the download link in your email app.
  3. Safari will open and begin downloading the ebook to your device.
  4. When the download is complete, you will be given the option to ‘Open in iBooks.’ Tap this button once.
  5. iBooks will launch, import the ebook, and then open it for viewing.

A few notes for a smoother experience...

  • Connect to wi-fi: ebooks can be large, so downloading and importing them to iBooks can take several minutes.
  • Be patient: Very little feedback is given while iBooks is opening the file, so you may want to check your device after a few minutes.
  • Make room: Be sure you have enough free space on your device or the download may fail.
  • Can't find your book? In iBooks, make sure you're viewing the 'Books' collection and not the 'PDFs' collection. To switch views, just tap the 'Collections' button in your iBooks library.

You can also view your books in iBooks for OSX Mavericks, or in Readium, a free EPUB3 reader plug-in for Chrome.


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