Workflow overview

Let’s take a moment to describe the steps you’ll take to create your ebook from start to finish. We’ll go into more detail later for each of these steps.

  1. Save your original document as an RTF (Rich Text Format) file. Edit your content in Microsoft® Word or a similar text editor. We recommend using Word because its RTF output is most compatible with BookWright’s RTF importer.
  2. Create a new BookWright Project and import the RTF file(s).
  3. Create chapters, add styles, lay out your content, and add images, and create a cover.
  4. Upload your book project to convert it into a ebook.
  5. Download your new ebook and review it on a reading device or app.
  6. Make any changes in BookWright and repeat steps 2-4 until you’re happy with the final result.
  7. Distribute and sell your content on the iBooks Store or the Amazon Kindle Store.

Let’s look at these steps in more detail…


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