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This guide is here to help you make a fantastic reflowable ebook for the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, or other e-reading devices. All topics discussed here are about reflowable ebooks only. If you want to create a fixed-layout ebook, simply design your book in BookWright and upload it—no guide necessary!


Great expectations

You’re about to start creating your ebook in BookWright, Blurb’s powerful layout and editing tool. By bringing your content into BookWright you can easily position and resize images, format and style text, create linked table of contents, and then output into an ebook. This guide will help you understand how what you see in BookWright will be transformed into a similar but streamlined ebook optimized for reading devices and apps. BookWright’s edit window shows fixed pages, whereas reflowable ebooks have a fluid, “pageless” layout. That is to say that the pagination—and, to some extent, the layout of reflowable ebook content—varies depending on the size of the reading device’s display.

Reading devices can be large or small (like a tablet versus a phone screen) and the amount of content that fits on each screen is different. Your readers may also choose to change the text size, margins, background color, or even the font. So instead of editing page-by-page in BookWright, you’re actually working with one long piece of content that will be broken up into pages by the e-reader device and the reader’s preferences. You can indicate your own font preference as the author, but ultimately the viewing experience depends on the reader. It’s this flexibility in formatting that makes reflowable ebooks so accessible, versatile and readable across so many different devices.

If you want to maintain control over the exact placement of images, column layout, font selection, and styles, a fixed-layout ebook might be the better option for you. But don’t worry, we’ll show you how to structure your content to get great results, so let’s get started!


Get the latest version of BookWright

Before you begin, you’ll need to have the latest version of BookWright installed on your computer.

  1. Download BookWright. If you already have BookWright installed, it will automatically update to the latest version the next time you launch it.
  2. Take a look at the BookWright Guide. Once BookWright is installed on your computer we highly recommend spending a few moments familiarizing yourself with the application.

    Tip: In particular, pay attention to the image, flowing text and RTF import sections. We’ll be discussing these concepts in more detail later on.
  3. Also check out some amazing BookWright novel templates to help give your novel a professional look from the start.


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