Making an ebook with Blurb for the first time?

If this is your first time reading this guide, go straight to the Getting Started section.


I’ve already created an ebook, now what?

Review your ebook

Your ebook needs to be thoroughly proofed on a device so you can see if there’s anything you want to change. Jump to the “Download and Review” section.


Get expert help

If something doesn’t look the way you expected, and you want to figure out what to change in BookWright to get a desired effect, we have plenty of resources to help:


Make changes, repeat

Editing in BookWright is a snap. Once you’ve made your changes, just re-upload the same BookWright file for conversion. You can download the revised ebook to check your changes. Repeat this editing process until you’re happy with the results.


Distribute and sell your content

Here’s more information on how to create accounts with the iBooks Store and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.


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