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Blurb Flourish is a new set of exclusive ornament fonts included within Blurb BookWright. They contain custom-designed book ornaments used to embellish your book pages with classic publishing motifs. As they are both font and function, please use our keyboard guide to identify which keystrokes to use to display the selected ornaments.

Within Blurb BookWright you can use the ornaments however you please. As with any font, you can change the color and font size in the text editor.


Sample Book Ornament Usage

Rule lines are a nice way to frame a body of text such as the book title.

Title Page
Dingbats are a decorative design device which can be used as an accent on introduction pages.

Dedication Page
Page corners frame a page and make it special, try it on the dedication page or the covers.

Chapter Opening
Chapter title brackets can be used to frame either the chapter title or number.

Chapter Body
Each font contains a custom ampersand designed to match the ornament set.

Chapter Closing
Chapter ends punctuate and visually complete the chapter.

Ornament Sets
Custom-designed fonts contain book ornaments which are embedded into BookWright, allowing unique and exclusive output to print, as well as fixed format ebooks.


Ornament Sets




Flourish Font Specifications

Fleur Di Lis


Fleur di lis



Fleuron sample



Spike sample



Geometric sample



Swirl sample



Woody sample



Romanc sample



Sci FiSci Fi

Sci Fi sample




Fantasy sample


Keyboard Quick-Reference

Each font has an identical set of design elements. The following diagram identifies the key strokes required to create each of the book ornaments.

Tip: PC Users: Use the special key combination to replace the Option key, noted below.

Keyboard quick-reference


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