Editing Background Elements

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The Background layer contains master elements which appear on every page of your book. The book title, authors name and page number have already been placed and stylize in the starter template —you only need to edit the content. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Background icon Background icon in the main toolbar at the top of the BookWright interface.
  2. Your main page editing area will be replaced with a spread that contains only master elements, which include the Author Name and Book Title. Using the same process that was used to update the title pages, click on the text containers and enter your book and author names.
  3. Adjust your page numbers (if necessary) - are set up to begin on the first page on chapter one, which is industry standard. However, if you add or delete front matter pages, you will need to adjust the start of page number 1, by using Add Page Numbers under the Add/Insert menu so it aligns with the first page of your first chapter.


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