Reflowable Ebook Preparation

A reflowable ebook does not conform to fixed-layout layout, therefore it is important to make some edits to optimize the way your content flows in a ebook. Follow the instructions below after saving your file:

  1. Delete empty pages - Any page that is blank or has unnecessary content on it should be deleted. For instance, you can delete pages 1 and 2 because they are redundant.
  2. Delete background pattern - Overlapping elements are not supported in reflowable ebooks, therefore you must delete any background patterns used throughout the template.
  3. Consolidate front matter content - Copy and paste your copyright and dedication copy into the title page text container, allowing it to flow in one compact, cohesive block of text. After completing this, you should delete pages which previously contained the copyright and dedication. Any additional front matter content should be also be included in the title text container.
  4. Background elements - As there is no physical page in an ebook, there is no need for page numbers or headers/footers. In the template these are in the Background, and will not appear in your reflowable output, however if you did include any headers/footers or page numbers in your actual pages, you should delete these.
  5. Upload and Order - Once completing these steps, select Order and follow the steps to order an ebook.


For more information refer to the Blurb reflowable ebook guide.


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