Importing existing BookSmart or Bookify projects

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Importing existing BookSmart or Bookify projects

If you have books that were started in either Blurb® BookSmart® or Blurb® Bookify®, you and easily import them into Blurb® BookWright®.

Reasons to import existing BookSmart or Bookify projects into BookWright

  • You want to take advantage of BookWright features not available in BookSmart or Bookify (compare features here.)
  • You want to order copies of your existing 5x8, 6x9, or 8x10 book as a Trade Book in either Economy or Standard printing (pricing found here:
  • You want to publish your existing 5x8, 6x9, or 8x10 book as a Trade Book through the Blurb Global Retail Network, making it available to thousands of retailers and prospective readers (information on the Global Retail Network found here:

How to import existing BookSmart or Bookify projects

Hint: Only projects that are already uploaded from BookSmart or published from Bookify, and are available on your account can be imported. If you’re still working on your book but want to import it into BookWright, simply click on the Preview Book > Order Book buttons in BookSmart to upload your book or click the Preview and Order button in Bookify.

  1. Download and open BookWright (
  2. Go to File > Import BookSmart or Bookify project
  3. Wait for your projects to load and then select the project you want to import and click the Import button on the lower right
  4. Your book will now convert in the background and you’ll receive an email with a download link
  5. Go to your email and click on the download link
  6. Find your newly downloaded .blurb file and double click on it (the book should open in BookWright)
  7. Carefully review the book in BookWright for any unexpected changes that may have ocurred during conversion. Either continue working on your book or upload it to publish and order

Notes on importing to BookWright

BookSmart imports of Calendar and Notebook formats are not supported.

Standard Portrait covers are not included in your import. All Standard Portrait books will be opened as 8x10 Trade Books in BookWright. Since the covers are different sizes they will need to be re-created in BookWright.


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