Linking Flowing Text Containers

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BookWright allows text to seamlessly flow from one text container to another and across pages. This is ideal for inserting large amounts of text. You can do this two ways:

Method one: create your layouts first

1. Draw or drag (from the layouts section) one or more text containers onto each page you'd like text to flow to.


2. Hover your cursor near the bottom of the first container to see the Text Flow icon.


3. Click on the Text Flow icon of that first container and then click anywhere in the next container. This will link the two containers so your text can flow across them.


3. Repeat this process of clicking Text Flow and clicking in the next container until you've linked all the containers you want to use.


4. Now return to the first container. Type or copy and paste text into the first container and click Update Text Flow.


5. Your text will now flow across all your linked containers. If you've underestimated the number of containers you need, just add more containers and repeat the steps above to flow text into them.



Method two: create layouts as you go

1. Draw one text container on a page.


2. Type or copy and paste text into the first container


3. Click on the text flow icon.


4. Draw your next container. Your text will flow into that new container automatically. Repeat these steps until there are enough containers for the text. 



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