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The best place to write and edit your text-heavy content is in your favorite word processing application, like Microsoft Word. You can create your content in any editor, so long as it exports RTF files, but our converter is optimized for Word and will yield the most predictable results. Other editors include Google Docs, TextEdit or Open Office.

What to do before exporting an RTF file:

  • Spell check and copyedit your content.
  • Style any text with bold, italics, underline, line spacing, etc.
  • Insert Section Breaks (Odd Page) to separate chapters. ‘Next’ and ‘Continuous’ breaks are ignored.

    TIP: In Word, use the Insert > Break > Section Break (Odd Page) menu option.

    TIP: Alternatively, you can save each chapter as a separate RTF file instead of using section breaks. A chapter will be added for each RTF file you insert in BookWright.

  • Add in any front matter to your book, such as a copyright page, or a Table of Contents. Insert a Section Break (Odd Page) between each piece of front matter.
  • Use tabs for paragraph indentation.
  • Avoid hanging indents in Word and prefer using the indent tool in BookWright.
  • Download the novel templates for BookWright here.
  • For best results, use whole numbers for your line spacing or leading values.

    Tip: Check out our Dream Team for access to professional editors who can help review your content.


What formatting is NOT supported in the RTF import:

  • Drop caps (they change to normal font and size)
  • Embedded images, tables, charts, shapes, headers, and footers (they will be ignored)

    TIP: Add images after you import your RTF file to BookWright. Tables and charts can be saved and inserted later as images.

  • Word Styles (any text styles need to be applied inline, not through the Styles menu)
  • Page backgrounds
  • Multi-column layouts
  • Links between pages or sections in your Word document

    TIP: If you want to create a linked Table of Contents, do that in BookWright. The imported links from Word may not be accurate.

  • Bulleted Lists: create lists by adding • symbols or numbers manually with your keyboard(Alt+8 on MAC, Alt+7 on Windows


Save your document as a Rich Text Format (RTF) file.

The option to export to RTF is usually found under File > Save As… in the menu bar of your text editor.



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