Choose the right paper for your magazine project

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If you're working on a magazine, we have two different paper types you can choose from. We've simplified your choices to make the selection process easy and straightforward to choose the right paper for your project. Both of these papers are coated.

Paper Name

Best Use


Paper Weight

Page Range


Text and graphics

Silk; cover printed on HP Indigo, pages on inkjet

70# (104 GSM)

20-240 pages



Matte; cover and pages printed on HP Indigo

80# (118 GSM)

20-240 pages


This is a silk finish 70# paper and prints on par with magazines you'd find at your local newsstand. This paper is great for publications with graphics, illustrations, and text. Photos work too, but if your publication is primarily photo-driven, consider using Premium paper. The 65# matte cover has no UV coating.


This is a matte finish 80# paper that beautifully renders photographs, drawings, and designs on the velvet-finish paper. This paper is great for fine art magazines, photography journals, fashion, comic books, and more. The 80# matte cover has a satin UV coating.


Full pricing information is on our pricing page

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