Add your own ISBN with the Blurb Plug-in for Adobe InDesign

An ISBN is a unique identifier for a particular version of a book. It is very important that you assign your own ISBN only after you're sure you have the final version and won’t need to make further changes. We recommend ordering and reviewing a single printed copy of any book before you apply an ISBN you purchased. For this proof copy, you can use a free Blurb-provided ISBN.

Use your own ISBN (Blurb-placed barcode)

This option will use Blurb's default placement of the barcode on the bottom center of back cover.

  1. Design your book and do not include an image of your barcode on the cover.
  2. Upload your book and check the ISBN box. This will add a Blurb-provided ISBN to your book and you must email us to get your ISBN swapped in. 

Email us at with this information:

  • Your Blurb username
  • The email address you use for your Blurb account
  • Your own, never-before-used ISBN, which has not previously been associated with any other book
  • If you have multiple cover types for you book, please include multiple ISBNs and specify which cover type each ISBN is for.
  • Confirmation that this is the FINAL version of your book. 
  • A link to your bookstore preview. You can find this link on your dashboard by clicking the Preview flag on the book cover or the Bookstore Preview link underneath the book. 

Once we assign your ISBN to your book, we will confirm the change generally within 3 business days. Please do not order or submit your book for distribution until you hear back from us. 

Use your own ISBN (custom-placed barcode)

If you'd like to have more control over where the barcode is placed on your cover and what information displays, you can add your ISBN and barcode as an image on your back cover, but do not select the option in the software or at upload to use your own ISBN.

  1. Add an image of your ISBN barcode to your cover.
  2. When your book is finished, upload your book and uncheck the ISBN box.
  3. Looking to distribute your book on Amazon or other retailers? Read information on the next steps.

Please note that our Trade books require a Blurb-placed ISBN. Do not include a barcode image on your Trade book cover, because it will display both your barcode and the Blurb-placed barcode.

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