Change the location of your BookSmart data folder

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Want to change the location where BookSmart saves your data? If so, please note the following important information.

1. When you change the location of your BookSmart library, BookSmart will create a folder named BookSmartData in the location you specified and move all your books to this location. If the BookSmartData folder already existed in this new location, no new folder will be created, but your books will be moved into that existing BookSmartData folder.

2. If you move your library to an external drive, your external drive must always be connected before starting BookSmart every time you want to work on a book.

3. Once the file transfer is initiated, do not cancel the process–your book files may be damaged or corrupted if you interrupt the transfer.

4. Thinking about moving your BookSmart library to a network location? This may significantly reduce the performance of BookSmart and you may lose access to your book files if the network connection is stopped or on standby. Permissions and various security measures also may cause issues with storing BookSmart data files on a network. 

If you are comfortable with the above warnings, you can change your library by clicking File > Change Library Location in BookSmart.

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