Will I be able to tell when there have been sales of my book?

There are a few different tools for you to learn about your sales.

 Sales Overview
If you'd like to view your sales for the last 45 or 90 days check out your Sales Overview page. You can view your sales data for individual books or all books together. You can see sales by each channel and even includes the information about your own purchases. 

Monthly Profit ReportsYour Monthly Profit Reports show you the profit earned for your book sales. If you're looking for new sales, check the pending tab to see recent sales. Profits stay on the pending tab until the transaction closes. Blurb sales are considered "closed" in the month when the order ships. Sales through Amazon and Ingram "close" when we receive payment from them. Payments are sent at the end of the month.

The completed tab will show you profit earnings and payment information for previous months.



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