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How to sell your Trade Book on Amazon and other retail sites

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Now that you've created your soon-to-be best-seller, you'll want to set up your Blurb trade book for distribution on Amazon via our Global Retail Network.

Set up your Trade Book for sale on Amazon

1. Finish your book, upload, order, and review a printed copy to make sure your book is ready for distribution to the world. 

2. Sign up to sell your book, which enables you to sell your book on Amazon and pocket your earnings.

3. Go to your dashboard and click the button Sell My Book.

4. Enter information about your book on the Project Details tab. Click Save & Continue when done.

5. On the Sales Channel & Profit tab, select the Global Retail Network option. Set your book pricing by determining what the List Price should be. This will change the amount of profit you receive on each book sale. You can also adjust the Wholesale Discount percentage higher or lower. The higher the discount percentage, the broader the distribution possibilities for your book. Some retailers will only accept books with a 55% discount, so selecting a 55% discount will ensure the broadest exposure. When finished setting up your book, click Save & Continue.

6. On the Review and submit screen, give your book details, pricing, and format availability a final review. Then indicate that you have reviewed your book, understand ISBN ownership, and agree to the distribution services agreement. Click Submit to submit your book to Amazon via the Global Retail Network.

7. You should see a confirmation at the top of the screen "Your book has been submitted to the Global Retail Network."

How to find your book on Amazon

Distribution on Amazon via the Global Retail Network depends on Ingram to distribute your book, which can take up to two weeks to get your book listed on Amazon. After a few weeks, go to Amazon and search for your book using your ISBN. If you used your own ISBN, search for that number on Amazon. If you had a Blurb-provided ISBN, you can find out what that number is by following these instructions. You can also search using your author name or book title, but ISBN is a more precise search.

If you don't want to keep checking Amazon's site, you can set up a Google Alert for your ISBN so that you are notified whenever it appears online. You will get an email when your book is on Amazon.

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