Reading MagCloud Sales Data

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This article explains how to read your MagCloud sales data. For Blurb sales data look here.

  • If you think your profit amount was incorrect please apply the information given below to your own sales data before contacting us.
  • Remember that MagCloud requires a $10 minimum before a payment is issued.
  • If you meet the $10 minimum for any given month, you'll receive a payment in the first 7-10 days of the following month.
  • Remember, this info applies only to MagCloud authors. Blurb authors should read this article.


A MagCloud author was surprised that they did not receive a payment for their December sales, even though their sales data showed that they earned $19.85 that month. Review the information below to understand why. All personal information has been hidden for privacy reasons.  

Payment history

Here is their payment history for the past few months. Focus on the following two points:

  • A payment for $37.82 was sent in early February, for January sales.
  • No payment was sent for December sales. We'll address that next... 



December sales

  • The author earned $3.39 on 3 December, $6.29 on 16 December and $10.17 on 31 December.
  • The 31 Dec payment occurred too late in the month to be applied to December, so it was carried over to January.
  • Excluding the 31 December payment, the author's total December earnings were $9.68 ($3.39 + $6.29).
  • Since $9.68 is under the $10 minimum required for a payout, that $9.68 was carried over to January and no payment was made for December sales.
  • In total, $19.85 ($10.17 + $9.68) was carried over from December sales to January.


January sales

  • The author earned $6.29 profit on 9 January and $11.68 on 25 January, for a total of $17.97.
  • The carried-over amount from December was $19.85.
  • $19.85 + $17.97 equals a $37.82 payment, which was paid in early February. This completes all profits due to the author for their December and January sales.



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