Add your own ISBN to trade books

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An ISBN is a unique identifier for a particular version of a book, so please assign your own ISBN only after you're sure you have the final version and don't need to make further changes. It's a good idea to order and review a single copy of any book before you apply your purchased ISBN. For this proof copy, you can use a free Blurb-provided ISBN.

Using your own ISBN with Trade books

Trade books require a Blurb-placed ISBN, whether your own or a free Blurb-provided ISBN. Do not include a barcode image on your Trade book cover, because it will display both your barcode and the Blurb-placed barcode. The Blurb-placed barcode displays in the bottom center of the back cover.


Use your own ISBN in BookWright.

Blurb's InDesign Plug-in

Use your own ISBN with Blurb's InDesign Plug-in.

Blurb's PDF to Book uploader

Use your own ISBN with Blurb's PDF to Book uploader.


Trade books made in BookSmart cannot be put into distribution. But if you’d like to add an ISBN to your cover, here's how to use your own ISBN with BookSmart.

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