Can I reassign my ISBN to an updated version of my book?

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If you made changes to your book, we may be able to help you move your ISBN to the new version in some cases. We can't move your ISBN to a newer version of your book if the new book differs more than 10% from the older version. But if you have a few typos you want to correct, we should be able to help you apply your ISBN to the newer version. 

When can't we reassign your ISBN to a newer version?

  • Title change. Did you change your title? If so, you'll need a new ISBN.
  • Binding change. Did you change the type of binding on your book between versions? For example, your previous book was a Softcover book and you want to use the same ISBN for a Hardcover, ImageWrap book. Unfortunately, we cannot apply the same ISBN to a different binding type.
  • Color type change. Are you updating the color type of your book from a black and white book to a full-color book or vice versa? A new ISBN is required for a different color type book.
  • More than four versions. If you've applied the same ISBN to four versions of your book already, we recommend using a new ISBN. After a book's ISBN is reassigned four times, distributors begin rejecting it and you'll run into problems trying to get distribution for your book.

Reassign ISBN to an updated version of your book

If you purchased your own ISBN that you want to move to a new version of your book and none of the above situations apply, please contact us at We will determine whether or not it's possible to reassign your ISBN to a newer version of your book.

Email us at with this information:

  • Your Blurb username
  • The email address you use for your Blurb account
  • Your ISBN, associated with the previous version of your book
  • Confirmation that this is the FINAL version of your book. 
  • A link to your bookstore preview. You can find this link on your dashboard by clicking the Preview flag on the book cover or the Bookstore Preview link underneath the book. 

Once we assign your ISBN to your book we will confirm the change generally within 3 business days. Please do not order or submit your book for distribution until you hear back from us. 

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