Add your own ISBN with BookSmart or Lightroom

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An ISBN barcode will not automatically print on a book you make with BookSmart or Lightroom. If you have an ISBN that you'd like to add to the back cover of your book, you can add it yourself.

Add your own ISBN

Add your ISBN and barcode image to the back of your book as part of your cover design. We recommend adding the barcode as a PNG image rather than a JPG for the sharpest results.

Looking to sell your book?

Selling on Blurb's site only - Simply add the image of your ISBN and make your book for sale on Blurb.

Selling on - You can choose to add the image to your book's cover or not. Then, upload your book and email us at with this information:

  • Your Blurb username
  • The email address you use for your Blurb account
  • Your own, never-before-used ISBN, which has not previously been associated with any other book
  • If you have multiple cover types for you book, please include multiple ISBNs and specify which cover type each ISBN is for.
  • Confirmation that this is the FINAL version of your book. 
  • A link to your bookstore preview. You can find this link on your dashboard by clicking the Preview flag on the book cover. 

Once we assign your ISBN to your book we will confirm the change generally within 3 business days. Please do not order or submit your book for distribution until you hear back from us.

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