Book File Too Large to Upload

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When uploading your book, you may encounter the below error if your book file is 2GB or more. 

Book File Too Large to Upload

There is a 2 gigabyte limit for ebooks. Please reduce the size of your ebook by removing images or reducing the file size of your images. 

If you don't plan on ordering an ebook version, you can simply select Digital Book Version: None on the upload screen. If you do want a digital book, please check out some suggestions below.

Reduce the file size of images
When saving your images outside of BookWright, adjust the quality settings or reduce the overall dimensions of the images. Please note that this is not recommended for print books, but you can safely reduce the file size of your ebook with these adjustments. Then replace all the images in your book with the adjusted images.

Remove images to reduce file size
You can also choose to remove images from your ebook to get the overall file size under 2GB.

How to view the size of your book file
Search for the folder "Blurb" on your computer to locate the book's .blurb file. The default location on a PC is My Documents > Blurb and on a Mac it's Documents > Blurb. You can also view the location of your book file from the Welcome to BookWright screen. Navigate to the .blurb file for your book to see how large it is. If you're under 2GB, you're good to go.
Other solutions
  • Create a separate version of your book and reduce the amount of pages or images to get the file size under 2GB. 
  • Buy the PDF instead. The PDF is similar to an ebook and can be read on most devices. There's no file size limitation for the PDF.

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