Upgrade Your Ebook File to Support Kindle, Android and iPad (ePub3)

Blurb now creates ebooks for all devices using the industry standard Kindle (.mobi) and EPUB3 files for Kindle, iPad and Android devices. To upgrade your converted ebook to the latest formats, you will need to run the conversion process again. It’s free. *

Follow the steps below to take advantage of these new formats.

Note: it’s possible that the new conversion software might change how the ebook looks. Just to be safe, download from the link in your email and save the older version of your ebook.

Once you run the conversion again, we cannot retrieve the original file.

Upgrade using BookWright

  1. Open your original .blurb file in the latest version of BookWright
  2. Press the Upload button and follow the prompts
  3. Choose fixed-layout ebook on the final upload screen
  4. Upload and order your ebook.*
  5. Wait for the conversion to complete and a new download email will be sent to you.

Upgrade with all other creation tools

  1. Log into Blurb’s dashboard and locate the ebook you would like to upgrade.
  2. Click the Edit button below on the left of the book’s cover image.
  3. Click Update in the lower right of the screen
  4. Click Proceed and Create
  5. Conversion will start and you will get an email letting you know when it’s finished with the new file download links.     

* If you need to make changes to your ebook in BookWright, you will need to re-upload and pay for the conversion process again. Please contact customer support to see if you qualify for a refund.


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