How to sell to your ebook on Blurb or the Apple iBookstore

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Sell your ebook in the Blurb Bookstore

  1. Go to your dashboard and click the Sell My Book button beside the ebook you want to sell.
  2. Change the setting from Not listed for sale to Invite Only or Publicly available depending on your preference.
  3. Next, scroll down and edit the fields for book description, category, language and price. You can also choose to show a preview of your book (the first 30%) or turn preview off.
  4. Grab a link from the Promotion section to start sharing and selling your ebook. 

Sell your ebook in the Apple iBooks Store

  1. Complete the steps above to sell your ebook in Blurb's Bookstore, and choose Publicly Available distribution with the ebook preview turned on.
  2. Click the Apple iBooks Store tab.
  3. Read and review Apple's guidelines for submission and make sure that you understand the submission requirements. (If you are trying to set the price the ebook for free, you would need to click the edit button to confirm that there will be no charge for it)
  4. Click Submit to Apple iBooks Store.
  5. You'll see notification that your ebook has been submitted for review by Apple, and the date of submission. You'll receive an email when your book is approved or rejected by Apple, which can take several days

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