Apple iBooks Store Rejection Reasons

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If your ebook was rejected by Apple, don't feel bad—it happens to the best of us! The reasons for rejection are usually easily fixed and you can resubmit your ebook, if you'd like.

Keep in mind that Apple staff manually review each submission to ensure a certain commercial quality of material in the iBooks Store, and this process can take several weeks. There's no magic formula for an approval, but there are several things will trigger a rejection:

Two-Page Spreads Misaligned

Two facing pages in your book have imagery that spreads across both of them, but they do not seem to line up correctly. You can adjust the adjoining images in the ebook editor so that they match up seamlessly, and resubmit your ebook.

Limited Audience

You can share and sell just about any kind of book on Blurb's site. However, Apple limits the books sold in iBooks Store to those that are potentially of interest to a general bookstore audience. Books with subject matter that consists of family vacations, school yearbooks, family history, weddings, and babies are generally excluded from iBooks Store.

Page Numbers

Page numbers for printed books will differ from those in ebooks. Your ebook's cover is considered page 1, while in a print book, the first inside page would usually be labeled page 1. This mismatch can cause confusion and consequently, page numbers could be responsible for your ebook's rejection from the iBooks Store.

Title Case - Metadata

Title case refers to the convention of capitalizing letters. Your book title and subtitle must have the first letter of each word—except for conjuctions and articles—capitalized. For example: Capitalize a title as Walking in the City.


Pricing must not appear on the cover or on any of the interior pages. Since pricing can change and beause your book will appear in different countries with various currencies, any price must not be listed on the ebook itself.

Blank Pages

While blank pages are not unusual in printed books, they can look like a broken page with something missing in a digital display. Apple requires you to remove any blank pages before submission to the iBooks Store.

Mismatched MetaData

It's very important that your iBooks Store listing details exactly match what appears on your book's cover and any title pages.

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