Issues and warnings after converting your book to ebook

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If you converted your existing book made with BookSmart, Bookify, Lightroom, or our PDF-to-Book workflow via this process, you may have encountered a few issues since these files may not perfectly convert into an ebook. When you open a converted ebook for the first time, you might see some warnings and an issue panel to help guide you through any corrections you should make. 

Global Font Substitution message

The global font substitution message will display if you used a font in your print book that cannot be converted for digital use. This pop-up window gives you an opportunity to choose a new font for your ebook.

When you click OK, the font will be substituted for you, but you can always change the font to something else later.

Learn more about font substitution.

Formatting Warnings

You may also see a pop-up about Formatting Warnings, pointing you to an issues panel on the right hand side of your screen.

Under each section, click on the page number to go directly to the problem area. If you don’t want to change anything, just click Ignore Selected. Once you've looked at and addressed (or ignored) all issues, you can confidently publish your ebook.

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