What is MagCloud?

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MagCloud is a separate website and self-publishing service owned and operated by Reischling Press Inc (RPI), Blurb's parent company. Through MagCloud you can upload and order magazines, calendars, flyers, brochures, and more. 

There are some similarities between MagCloud and Blurb but here are a few important differences to keep in mind:

  • MagCloud publications are all softcover format.
  • MagCloud offers many free templates for a variety of different programs, including Word and InDesign, to make designing your MagCloud publication easier.
  • You can't make a MagCloud publication using any of Blurb's book-making programs, and you can't import a Blurb book or magazine into MagCloud.
  • The two sites and products are totally separate. This means your Blurb username won't work on MagCloud or vice versa. You'll need to create a separate account at magcloud.com to use the service.
  • MagCloud and Blurb promo codes are valid only on their respective sites. Blurb codes won't work on MagCloud purchases and MagCloud codes won't work for Blurb purchases.

You can read more about MagCloud's sizes, formats and pricing and check out MagCloud's specifications and instructions

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