What is the Blurb Checkout App on my Samsung phone?

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What is the Blurb Checkout app?

Blurb Checkout is a pre-installed app on Samsung devices (such as the Galaxy S4) and works in conjunction with Story Album, a book-making app powered by Blurb in partnership with Samsung.

Samsung's Story Album app allows you to make a book from the photos you take with your Samsung, and Blurb Checkout allows you to pay for the book if you decide to order one.

Can Blurb Checkout be uninstalled?

No, the Blurb Checkout app cannot be uninstalled.

Samsung chose to bundle it with their own Story Album app, and Samsung doesn't allow Story Album to be uninstalled. (This is common for apps designed and preinstalled by the phone manufacturer). This means neither app can be uninstalled. 

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