How do I select a different currency, language, or country?

How to change your currency

  • You can change the currency you transact in by logging in to your Blurb account then editing Currency on the Settings page.
  • Don't see the currency you're looking for? You might need to change to a different region. Look for the country settings in the top right of the page (more info below).
  • As always, the currency you're transacting in will display at checkout, so be sure it's your desired currency.

How to change your country and language

  • Look in the top right of any page on Blurb's website and look for the country flag.
  • Click the country that's currently selected and a list of other countries will appear.
  • Click a different flag and you'll be taken to that site.
  • You will need to sign in again on that site if you wish to place an order.


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