How do I select a different currency, language, or country?

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How to change your currency

  • Altogether, our different regional sites allow you check out in USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, and GBP. 
  • You can change the currency you transact in by logging in to your Blurb account then--if available--editing the currency option on the Account Settings page.
  • Don't see the currency you're looking for? You might need to change to a different region. Look for the country settings in the top right of the page (more info on that below).
    • Not every currency is available for every region and some regions don't offer any options besides the local currency.
      •  For example, only allows check-out in AUD. Australian customers wishing to pay in USD would need to go to instead.
  • As always, the currency you're transacting in will display at checkout, so be sure it's your desired currency. You'll see AUD, USD, CAD, GBP or EUR. 

How to change your country and language

  • Look in the top right of any page on Blurb's website and look for the country flag.
  • Click the country that's currently selected and a list of other countries will appear.
  • Click a different flag and you'll be taken to that site.
  • You may need to sign in again on that site if you wish to place an order.


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