VAT number and 0% VAT rate process

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If you run a business in the EU and possess a valid EU VAT number you can apply to have VAT charged at 0% for future orders, and receive a VAT invoice that  by following the steps below. If you would like a VAT invoice that reads reverse charge you must also follow these steps. 

(If you live in the USA and would like to request tax exempt status, please see our USA tax exempt process).

1. Create a Blurb account (or specify an existing Blurb account) that will only be used for qualifying purchases subject to a 0% EU VAT rate and reverse charge mechanism.

2. Use the VIES VAT validator to confirm your VAT number is valid. (We'll verify it as well but this ensures you're giving us a correct and valid number).

3. Send us an email from the email address associated with the Blurb account that you will use for qualifying 0% VAT orders. Include BOTH of the following:

i. The subject line of 0% VAT account request

ii. The following message in its entirety, with the username, account email, VAT number and country completed where specified.

  • I am requesting 0% VAT applied to all orders under the Blurb account of [USERNAME HERE], which is under the email address of [ACCOUNT EMAIL HERE].
  • My valid VAT number and country is MYVATNUMBER and COUNTRYOFVALIDITY.
  • I understand that if approved, I will be charged 0% VAT for all orders placed through the Blurb username above.
  • I agree that I will use this account only for orders which qualify for a 0% VAT rate.
  • I understand that is my responsibility to use this account in accordance with EU VAT regulations.
  • I understand that personal purchases and other non-qualified purchases must not be made under this account.
  • I understand that any misuse may result in suspension of my Blurb account.
  • I agree to promptly inform Blurb if my VAT number/VAT status changes, expires or is revoked.

4. By submitting your request you agree, as indicated above, that you will:

  • use the account in question only for qualifying purchases and
  • use a separate account for personal purchases/non-qualifying purchases and
  • provide updated status if your VAT number/VAT status changes.

5. Blurb will then verify your VAT information and process your request. Processing will take approximately 5 business days from the day we receive your request and the required information.

6. Once your account has been designated as 0% VAT, we will send an email to confirm the change. You will then no longer see VAT applied to orders under that account.

7. To receive a VAT invoice with details of your order and the reverse charge declaration please contact us after placing your 0% VAT order.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this process.

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