Create a full account with username

If you previously placed an order without creating a username, you have what's called a "guest account." You may want to create a full account with Blurb so you can view your order history, or re-download any ebooks or Instant PDF files you ordered. First, you need to create a username for your account. Here's how:

1. Log in

  • Log in to your account with the exact email address you used to place your original order and the password you selected at checkout.
  • Don't remember the password you chose when you placed your order? Reset your password using the same email used for your order.
    • Once you receive the password reset email click the link to reset the password for your account.
    • Log in using the email address used to place your order and the password you just created.

2. Create your username

Once you sign in, you'll be prompted to create your username.

  • Usernames will be visible to the public and cannot be changed so choose wisely.
  • Usernames can contain numbers, letters, dashes (-) and underscores ( _ ).
  • Most common usernames are already taken so be prepared with a backup or two.

3. You're done!

You should now be logged in. If you'd like to view your order history, or download files from your previous order, click My Dashboard, then My Orders and click on the relevant order number.

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