Book Privacy Settings: Public and Private Options

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The privacy settings for your book determine who can view, purchase, and comment on your book. You can keep your book 100% private, or you can share your book by inviting specific people to view it or by making it visible to the general public. By default, we make your book private (invite only) upon upload.

How to change your book's privacy settings
1. Log in to your Blurb account and go to My Dashboard in the upper right. 

2. Click the Sell My Book button, then click Get Started on the popup.

3. Fill in your project details and then click the Privacy & Sharing tab. 

4. On the Privacy & Sharing tab you can select the level of availability for your book. The default is Invite only, which means no one can discover your book without a direct link to it. If you'd like to share it with a few friends, copy and share the link on this page. To make your book visible to search engines and available for purchase by anyone, select the Publicly available option.

5. On the Sales channel & Profit tab you can choose to sell or not sell individual cover types. So if you only want your audience to be able to buy the softcover book, disable sales of any other cover types that are listed.


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